PRODUCT 1 : Baby Bed

"Cozy and Comfy Portable Baby Bed"

Can store fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables and more, Safe way to start introducing baby to new flavors/solid food as your child goes through the teething phase.



It serves its purpose

I like it. My son sleeps on it and he seems to love it. I like that he’s able to prop his legs up. It’s made out really good material. It’s soft and it’s supposed to help with flat head syndrome.

Sharika //  Mott


Highly recommended!

Very convenient for our newborn. We use it everywhere, on his crib, in the stroller, on a blanket. It helps him laying in the right position and it keeps him comfortable and doesn’t move a lot when sleeping, so it helps keep him asleep longer. Highly recommended!

Allison //  Garcia


Would recommend to all my friends!

Absolutely love this! We use it in our Rock N Play to help keep our son’s head from going to one side, prior to using this he would always lean his head as far to the right as he possibly could & at 7 weeks he was already getting a flat spot on the side of his head that he favors over the other. Since using this at night & duing naps for the past few days his head is already almost back to being completely rounded again.

Nicole //  Dickinson


It has a special feature to prevent a flat head. Great choice!

This purchase brings a smile to my face. Its soft and cuddly. My great nephew loves the comfort of the arms that cradle him! Really fun.
Tammy // Wedge

Good for babies!

Really comfortable material for the baby. Great for on the go, as it can be folded and taken along. The head support is the best part about the whole product. Overall I really like the product as my little one loves having her tummy time on it as well as love taking her naps.
Angel // Cobey

Very good product for a baby. Helps mantaing good position

This profucts is perfect. I used It since my baby was born. He was premmie. The quality is very good. It helps to keep my baby in a good position anywhere: sofa, bed, stroller. He uses it every night and he loves It. Very confortable. You can wash It in washing machine with no problem.
Amy // Holmes


Love this temperpedic like sleeping pad. The adjustable leg pad is great. I have a one month old grand daughter that was 21 inches and 8 lbs at birth, she sleeps snuggley and securely in it with the arms snapped shut. I love that I can pick her up pad and all and move from room to without her waking. She is content and sleeps very deeply on it! Well designed, good materials, high quality.


Sarah  //  Smith


  • The baby mattress meets the orgonomics design, offering effective flat head snydrome prevention.
  • This baby bed/crib with pillow designed with comfortable edge that surrounds baby and prevent baby from rolling over, creating a secure sleeping atmosphere for baby at bebtime. The front of the pillow is a flat mat.
  • This baby bed mat is made of high quality soft material, offering good breathability and safe to use for babies.
  • This baby pillow and mattress fit babies age from 0 to 12 months.
    his Baby pillow and bed is Very light, only 350g, portable for home or travel.


PRODUCT 2 : Nail Trimmer


"The Easier, Safer and Faster Nail Trimmer for newborns, babies, toddlers and children."

Safely and quickly trim and polish little toenails and fingernails, won't damage the cuticles or soft nail beds and have  quiet motor with a front light LED that will allows trimming while sleeping.


Must have!

Must have baby product. Our baby loves to touch her face and I felt bad putting gloves on her so she wouldn't scratch. I bought this the first week we had her because I was scared of clipping her nails after hearing about other parents who had bad experience with clippers. This product has been amazing! I have been using it since she was 2 weeks old. You need to read the directions because there is a new born attachment in the set and you need to use that one with newborns! I use this while she is asleep so that I don't stress her out. I have accidentally hit her skin and she has been fine. This makes a stressful task easier on everyone! it even has a light to help you see what you are doing which is great at night! Definitely worth buying and would make a awesome gift for a shower!

Diana   //  Leyva

Happy mother and user of this nail trimmer!

My baby is 7 weeks old. Before having this product, I would have to wait until my hubby got home to help me trim babys nails and pray we didnt cut too short. That, or I’d try to peel his nails and hope it won't cut deep. This product gets rid of all those issues! My kid fell asleep on my lap nursing so I decided to try this product out. I finished all of his nails in a matter of minutes! Now I don't have to worry about any of the above issues, or about him scratching his face! This product will take away any anxiety involved with trimming your babys nails. Its gentle and quiet, and will get the job done. I am so happy I made the purchase! 

Stephanie   //  Prout

Don’t hesitate! Just buy it!

I love how easy it easy to use. I wish I had gotten it sooner. This product is excellent!! It’s normally a task to clip my son’s nails with razors but he actually sits there while I use this. He was very interested in it and didn’t mind me using it on his nails. Don’t get me wrong he didn’t sit there the entire time because he is very mobile.. He didn’t fuss, he didn’t cry. It was very easy to use!!! His nails looked great afterward. I highly recommend this product to all moms with babies/toddlers. My son is 12 months and mobile. This helped a lot.
Ashley   //  K

Amazing - definitely recommend for all parents to try!

This nail filer is so incredible. I never have to worry about hurting my baby when it's time to trim her nails thanks to this awesome filer. I've heard bad stories from other moms about clipping their baby's skin and making them bleed and am so grateful for this machine so that I don't have to live through that. It is so quick, efficient, and gentle. I love it so much that I bought one for my sister who had a baby two months after me and she's just as thrilled with it as I am. Thank you!
Jackie   //  Munns


We've all been there - trying to clip my baby's long scratchy nails and accidentally clipping too much and causing the finger to bleed and the baby to scream in pain. It feels awful. After this experience with my second baby I started searching for better options than the infant nail clippers and found this nail file. It's amazing! I can file my baby's nails without worrying about clipping her finger. I also used these to file down my 4 year olds nails, and it was amazing. I finished his nails in half the time it takes me to clip them, and he didn't have any fear about Mommy clipping his nails too short. I used this on my nails and was amazed at how quick and efficient it is. I will probably never use razor blades ever again. And I think this will be my go-to baby shower gift moving forward so that hopefully other moms can experience stress and anxiety free infant nail grooming. Highly recommend!


Virginia  //  DeLaurier


Nail Trimmer:

  • Color:  pink / blue
  • Product: 6 in1 Electric Baby Nail Trimmer
  • Size: 15*4.5cm
  • Material: ABS



  • Adopt ABS polymer material. Professional Care for trimming your babies' nail without damaging cuticles or soft nail beds.
  • An LED front light combines with whisper-quiet motor, you can trim their nails while they're sleeping.
  • 6 diferent Grinding Heads, suitable for baby and adult
  • Lightweight and compact, one-button operation. Better grip and feel more comfortable when using
  • The motor has two levels of speed, left and right rotation. High 7500RPM / minute, low 5700RPM / minute.


  • 1 x Electric Nail Trimmer
  • 6  x  Diferent Grinding Heads



For better results, Don't wet your hands or feet before using the product
Wash your hands or feet in warm water after use, and apply hand or foot nail dew, which will help protect your nails




1 Nail Trimmers & 1 Baby Bed  


(Formerly $64)


2 Nail Trimmers & 1 Baby Bed  


(Formerly $128)


3 Nail Trimmers & 3 Baby Bed



(Formerly $192)


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