The Ultimate Diaper Bag


By now you already know that getting pregnant isn't the hardest thing about having a baby. It's the late night cries, the public feeding, changing diapers in church, being disorganized at work, then there are the lousy baby moments you wish you can avoid.


You are not alone!

Every caring mom goes through this phase - I did when I had my little baby girl, she was all sweet and peaceful until she starts crying the whole neighborhood up from sleep, soiling the diapers at odd times, or pulling my hair while sucking at my nipples.

Ughh, it was a nightmare for me. I ended up getting the 3D’s (disheveled, distracted and disorganized) the first week I had her.

I found it hard to concentrate on the basic things I used to do effortlessly, like going out to visit a friend, or church, market or work. When I had my little girl, I found out that leaving home with her is 100 times more stressful than when I go out before I had her.

I usually forget to take her diapers, sometimes I can't find a space in my handbag to squeeze in her water bottle, and then I had to worry about the weight and the damages it will do to my handbag. It was so difficult

You may be going through the same process now and finding it difficult to move out of the house and stretch those legs cos you think you can't get it right and might forget that little piece of cloth you use to clean up when he/she poops or vomits on your dress.

Maybe you are going through much harder times than I did.

But here's a little something that will make it better.

Introducing ...

THE Baby Diaper Backpack For Moms, Designed with your baby in mind! This stylish yet convenient diaper bag will fit all your baby essentials and more!

But before that...

Are you still pregnant or yet to get pregnant?

Here's a little secret...

Your baby is going to need a ton of stuff when he or she is born. Every time you leave the house, it will feel like a major chore… like cooking 5 soups at the same time in a small kitchen, all alone.

But with our Baby Diaper Bag Backpack, you will have all the help you need to take care of your baby outside the house without missing anything or asking for help from strangers.


This Baby Diaper Bag Backpack isn't for every mom. Heck, it isn't even for most moms.

Because some moms like staying disorganized. You see them in the church, or market leaving their baby soiled because they forgot to take the diapers with them. Some go about with unattended babies and vomits on their dress.  

Trust me, you don't want to be like these moms. You want the best for your bouncing baby. You definitely want to look and smell nice and still have fun with your little one outside the house. Don't you?

Of course, you do, that's why you are still reading this.

This video proves exactly why you should get our Baby Diaper Bag Backpack today before we run out of stock.

If you are still thinking about it, here are the reasons why we think you should spend your money on this diaper bag:

  • Other bags can get filthy, but with Baby Diaper Bag Backpack, you don't have to worry about cleaning up
  • Extremely Large capacity for all your baby essentials   
  • Super stylish and functional diaper 
  • Multi-layered fabric that insulates bottles and repels water     
  • Flexible Carrying style   
  • Different colors you can choose from

And here comes the best part...

We are happy you just had a baby, still pregnant or about to get pregnant. That's why we want to be the first to give your baby a gift. We are spreading cheer with our 40% DISCOUNT. (If you buy today)






1 BAG  = (1 Diaper Bag included)

UGX 130,000

(Formerly UGX 180,000)


2 BAGS  =(2 Diaper Bag included)


UGX 240,000

(Formerly UGX 360,000)


3 BAGS = (3 Diaper Bag included)


UGX 340,000

(Formerly UGX 540,000)


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    Not only that!!!  

    You will get these Baby Crawling Socks and Baby Pacifier for FREE too!

    What in the world is a baby pacifier?

    This, my friend, is a baby pacifier...

    It's what you should be using if you want to introduce your baby to solid foods like a lojving mom!!!

    Your baby will thank you for these!!!

    100% of our customers loved our Baby Diaper Bag. Here's What a Few  Of Them Are Saying... 

    I should have got this bag from the beginning!

    I’ve only used it a day but so far I’m loving it! I got it since my son is getting bigger which means we’re packing more. I took everything out of my old bag to my new diaper bag and not only did it all fit with ease but it’s so deep and with all the pockets I still have so much room left! It’s adorable and functionable for such a great price!

    ~Debbie from Rivers state

    Would buy this again in a heartbeat!!!

    I love this baby bag. It looks so nice, has great storage, stands upright on it's own, is super easy to zip open and shut with plenty of storage space inside..it's the best for organization. It also has an easy access "secret" pocket in the back that is convenient for me to keep my wallet and phone in. Would buy this again in a heartbeat!

    ~Rita from Lagos


    This Diaper bag is PERFECT!!!

    Super cute, perfect sized, and over all as convienent as it gets. I am in LOVE with it. It is very spacious and has lots of pockets -great for easy organization- . I fit 2 baby blankets, 2 outfits, a sweater, 6 diapers, 2 bottles, formula, a binky, 2 toys, 4 burp rags, 2 packs of baby wipes, nursing pads, gas drops, babys thermometer, and diaper cream easily.

    ~Lynda Sim Sheriff from Abuja

    It’s so nice and classy looking!

    I love how roomy the bag is! So many pockets and the bottle pockets are insulated which is a plus!! I have a 2 year old and newborn so this is perfect for two!! With all the pockets and room it’s super easy to keep everything separate!! It looks exactly as described.

    ~Yusuf Fatima from Kaduna

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