Do you know that, Glaucoma or Cataracts if not well taken care of, can cause permanent eye blindness in short period of time? If you’re experiencing cloudiness in your vision, not reading without glasses, redness of eyes or any eye issues  – You’re not alone ...

"Secret Unveiled: How I Recovered My Sight from Glaucoma and Cataracts Naturally Without Surgery – My Doctor Was Dumbfounded!!!"

First what is Glaucoma: This is a group of eye diseases that gradually steal sight without warning? Although the most common forms primarily affect the middle-aged and the elderly, glaucoma can affect people of all ages. – Glaucoma.org ...

Dear Friend,

Samuel was not born with glaucoma with the best of my knowledge he grew up doing well in school, he’s always the best in the class but unfortunately when he turned 11 things began to change for him, his grades in school started dropping, he handled things carelessly but I never suspected anything was really going wrong with him. With time he became less active like he used tobe, so I decided to ask him if he would not mind to speak to me. In our discussion he told me “Mummy the only thing I notice is that, each time I wake up, for a few minutes, all I could see around me is a blur blue colored atmosphere, and sometimes when I’m doing something my eyes just goes blur and I would not able to see well again”

  I thought at first it was caused maybe because he sleeps too much, we visited the doctor and complained and he concluded that he’s suffering from cataracts and after he was tested he later diagnosed him of glaucoma. We were place on high bill for treatment, I tried all my best, some of these drugs are costly we continued for a few month with no result the eye drops became Samuels intimate friend but still couldn’t help so we kept on praying to God to send us an helper Later we went to the hospital maybe the doctor could by any mean help but he suggested a surgery which by then I could never be able to afford, but somehow along the line God answered our prayers. About three years ago one of my secondary school mate visited us, I told him about the issue with my 16 years old boy and he introduced me to this natural herb tea that helped Samuel recover his sight issue and since then my boy has been doing great and sound again.

I know you might also go around with eye drops bottle and drugs or maybe the doctor has one time operated on your eye. It’s time to get out of the shit and you’ll see clearly again trust me.

In less than 3 month that Samuel started taking this Tea he regained his sight, got well and his academics improved again, he’s returned to school now doing great as usual.

This Special Natural Sight curing Herb Tea is capable of taking care of your sight. It is made of Honeysuckle, Chrysanthrmum, Medlar, Green tea, and Cassia seed. Everything contained in it are natural plant with good taste

Introducing ...

  • It contains honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, medlar, green tea, cassia seed, etc.Natural plant ingredients, it has good taste, no side-effect.
  • This tea can help to make your eyes more bright and healthy.
  • Small tea bag design, convenient to carry and use.
  • Alleviate intraocular pressure, improving dry eyes and avoid irritation,improves the ocular microcirculation.
  • Protect vision especially for myopia, myopia, amblyopia.


  • This herbal tea can help to make your eyes more bright and healthy in all occasions.
  • It will really alleviate intraocular pressure, improving dry eyes and avoid irritation,improves the ocular microcirculation. 
  • It has good taste, no side-effect and really super safe. 


I was told by my O.M.D. to get this tea. I was having a dull pain in the eye that I had to have a laser treatment on for a torn retina a few years ago. I could not believe it at first, but after a few days of having 2 cups of Eyebright a day, ALL of my eye
pain was gone. After 3 weeks, I went from a +200 reading glasses to +175. I don't know if everyone will have these amazing results, but it can't hurt to try. I only take herbs for my medical needs, so I don't know if on meds.

- Leslie | Tricky Bee.

Used in Uganda for eyes infection for ages. I am struggling with dry eyes. Doctors cannot help me. This is so far the best remedy. It is good to clean all debris, blepharitis.

- Bestie | Landerford

I've drank it, I've used the damp bags on my eye's both work fine.
I like this product coz it works. I think it's very pleasant placed on closed lids. Soothing and beneficial. Relaxing tea on a cool evening. I'd definitely buy again, Quality you can see and taste. 

- Tendols |Putajaya

I've used the tea bags on my eyes. I had  the tea and it helped speed up the healing process. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for overall health or the relief of an eye infection. Great to have this around the house everyday

- Chendol |Chicky Puff

"You don’t want to leave your sight go like that, if you’re like me. You have spent almost everything you had, yet all your effort have proved futile this is a great opportunity for you. This Tea is only available for a very limited time.  I don’t planned to be selling Tea but I felt there’s need for a lot of life to be helped, if my son was other should too. I’m sure you’ll appreciate my effort for bringing this to you

This Tea cost just a so so so amount and because it’s it affordable a lot of people are buying it and we may not have enough in stock anytime soon"

- Minda | The Bean & Co.

I am using the tea bags for my dry eyes and I can feel the difference after only a few days. I would recommend it to anyone having dry eyes.This Tea cost just a so so so amount and because it’s it affordable a lot of people are buying it and we may not have enough in stock anytime soon"

- Spanky | The Cost & Defund

Helped my eyes tremendously. It strengthened them to focus clearly. Eyebright did help around the eye with itchiness.

- Convisky | AlaMore

This product keeps my eyes young. It adds clarity and helps me avoid having to use bifocals. I have used it before and it continues to be effective.

- Slavinsky | CutieSky

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Item Name: Eye Bright Tea
Quantity: 20 Bags/1 Box
Net Content: 2.5g Per Bag
Net Weight: 50g

Main Ingredients: Honeysuckle, Chrysanthemum, Medlar, Green Tea, Cassia Seed
Storage: Cool and Dry Place

Note: Due to the light and screen setting difference, the items color may be slightly different from the pictures.

Package Includes:
1 Box of Eye Bright Tea(20 Bags)

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Thanks again, You are healed from Glaucoma, Cataract and will never go blind

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