Smooth Out Wrinkly Clothes in Just Seconds with this Amazing Hand-Held Steam Iron 

Perfectly and Quickly Remove Wrinkles, Brush Away the Dirt, Dispel the odor. Light Weight makes it an ideal travel steamer. Suitable for a variety of fabrics including cotton, wool, polyester, plush, Silk, Fiber, nylon, velvet and linen. Steams clothes, bedding, table clothes, sofas, curtains, toys and so much more!



Hand-Held Steam Iron = (1 Pack)


(Formerly $64)


Hand-Held Steam Iron = (2 Packs)


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Hand-Held Steam Iron = (3 Packs)


(Formerly $192)


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    Good value, works great!

    This was a great investment. It was easy to use and works very well at getting out wrinkles. I have a shirt that I have been fighting with for weeks to get wrinkles out. Once I used the steamer it worked like a dream. I’m looking forward to using it with the scrub brush piece as well.

    Miranda  //  Rhea

    Great little steamer/iron!

    I was looking for a small handheld steamer for my curtains. I was pleasantly surprised to find this electric steamer that also irons! It is lightweight and doesn't bother my hands holding it for a while. Powerful and works good.

    Crisel //  Tian


    Looks better than my old one, works as expected!

    I got this portable steaming machine roughly a month ago. It is portable and is designed for travel. It is a perfect fit for international business trips when steaming irons are not guaranteed. It can prepare my shirts much faster than conventional irons. It is perfect when I need to rush to some formal events.
     Jason  // Del Valle

    Excellent quality great price! Really works well!

    Best hand held steamer ever! It's works really well. I try it on a raw silk blouse and look at how just one pass per area removes all the wrinkles! Very light and would pack well for travel. I used one fill for 4 blouses, one suit jacket and a shower curtain. Great buy!
    Dina // Belmont



    I bought this steamer for my man it's light weight, ideal for travel. He is very particular when it comes to wrinkles in his clothes. No matter how many times i iron his clothes before he leaves it will till have an wrinkled. He said the steamer was extremely easy to use and was out the hotel door wrinkle free in five minutes. I used it and i love it. Great price and great buy.

    Melinda //  Morris



    • Model : 688553Material:Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS)
    • Voltage : 110V/60Hz
    • Power : 800W
    • Size : 29 x 3.5 x 6.2cm
    • Cable Length : 145cm
    • Working Environment : -20 to 50


    • Made of high quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS),high temperature resistant, not easy ageing and very durable.
    • Large transparentwater tank, can see that the water volume, filling water in time, more convenient.
    • With two different types of brushes, adapt to different clothes and meet your demand.
    • Handheld steamer brush provides powerful and continuous steam.
    • With automatic temperature control and overheating fuse double protection to prevent clothes damage from temperature anomaly.
    • Lightweight and small volume, suitable for travel or business trip.
    • One button operation, very simple, easy to use.
    • Save electricity, the indicator light light means electric heat,when it put out can still use residual heat to ironing.

    Package Include:

    • 1x Handheld Iron Steam Brush
    • 2x Brush Heads(Movable)
    • 1x User Manual



    • Add water to connect the power supply, red power indicator lights, heating body began to heat, until the red indicator lights out can be used.
    • In the process of use, every 2 seconds rhythmically press and loosen the steam button, the front nozzle can produce a large number of continuous high temperature and high pressure steam.


    Instructions of use:

    1. Press and hold the drain switch to remove the water storage container.
    2. After taking down the water storage container, open the upper water storage cover and fill it with water.
    3. Put the water storage container back in place.
    4. When ironing clothes, hang the clothes and hold the ironing brush up and down in one hand.
      The wrinkles on the clothes can be easily ironed, and the brush can suck the hair and dust stuck on the clothes.


    Problem point and Answer:

    1. It's like used by someone,The water collecting box has water drops.
      Answer: All products were checked by 100% water injection before leaving factory.
    2. Can not spray fog, can not be used.
      Answer: After power on but No steam for the first time use,Please raise the main engine head up and press the steam button continuously until the steam is injected (Probably due to the first use, there is air in the leather tube of water tank).
    3. The wrinkles on the clothes are still obvious after use and can not be completely removed.
      Answer: Generally wrinkled clothes, we should use steam with a brush to brush the clothes flat, (left hand wrinkled clothes straightened) Press it,After one second, the steam will follow. , not too press fast, too fast water can not be vaporized dripping, press too slow steam can not keep up with the effect of the poor.
    4. Serious leakage during use
    • The first time indication light is out and the product can be used after heating.
    • Do not press the steam button before power on. Add water and Please switch on immediately.
    • The steam button is pressed in 1-2 seconds. (Too fast water doesn't vaporize, it drips. )
    • The water should be removed after shutdown, otherwise the machine will not work.


    • Do not put the device into water or other liquid substance.
    • Do not put your hands close to the steam iron outlet, when you using device.
    • Please cut off power after using.
    • The faster the press, the temporary increase in steam volume, but the relatively lower brush temperature, may make the brush steam insufficient.
    • As long as it is a steam generator, such as a steam brush and a steam electric iron, these steam-sprayed products are filled with explosive water(There is no steam without explosive water), which can be sprayed several times in the empty places before being used.
    • About the burnt smell: There will be a small amount of smoke or odor and some noise in the first use. It is caused by the high temperature volatilization of internal environmental protection heat conducting oil. This phenomenon will disappear after a period of time. Please rest assured to use it.

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