Want To Know What’s The Problem Of Your Car And Want To Save Money And Time? Try This Amazing CAR SCANNER! No Need To Go To Mechanic And Get Them Check. You Can Also Bring It Everywhere. 

Super OBD II VC310 Automotive Scanner Tool CAN OBD-II Diagnostic Code Scanner






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    Just what I needed to check my “Check Engine Light”!

    After hitting a hog on the road with my car, the hog took out my fog light housing, resonator, and broke my bumper. After taking it home and inspecting the damage, the check engine light came on and then I was wondering what it could be. I thought it was the resonator but that just affects the sound of my engine. After using this OBD2 Scanner, I was able to find out that it was actually my Coolant Fluid Sensor that needed to be replaced. I like how this scanner has its own screen so I do not have to connect to Bluetooth on my phone like the other scanners. This scanner seems very reliable! I recommend this!

    Jason  //  Allard

    Very Easy To Use!

    Bought this for my dad to use with his vehicles. He doesn't have a smartphone, so I decided not to get one of the bluetooth models. Even if he had a smartphone, I know he'd have issues remembering how to connect it. But this OBD2 reader is so easy to use. Plug it in, turn the car on and look for the error codes.
    Comes with a manual that shows you everything that you can do with this. You can even monitor the car as its running.

    Jasper //  Chan


    Easy to use and read!

    Love it! I had previously purchased a wireless one where you needed to use your smartphone. But it required an android phone and I predominantly use iPhone so it was a hassle always having to dig out the android just to use it. With this, I don’t need anything extra. Just plug it in and run the diagnostic. Everything was pretty straightforward. I can reset the engine light when needed and I no longer have to pay for apps to use it. I have no idea why I hesitated to buy a wired one for so long.

    Tammy //  Smith


    Buy and save yourself money in diagnosing check engine light problems!

    Very simple to use but gets the job done . It can compare to the more expensive scanners. Lots of different modes and features. Now I can help families and friends to figure out what’s wrong in their car. I would highly recommend this scanner.
    Benjamin// Mois

    This scanner has made me so much more independent!

    I was tired of having to go to an auto shop to get my engine code checked. And these scanners are becoming more affordable to have yourself. So I got this for our cars. It worked on both of them, and did great. It's super easy to use, with the clear menu options it has. When it has scanned, it gives me clear results, with which I know exactly what needs to he looked at. Having this scanner has made me so much more independent in diagnosing and addressing my cars' needs.
    Steven // DelaCruz

    Good for beginners to troubleshoot basic problems on the car!

    Nice scanner. Saw they used this at the shop to troubleshoot car problems so since my car is broken and have no money to bring it to the shop. I give this one a try. The instruction comes with this product is very useful and very easy to understand. Now i am able to make my car run again without going to the shop. I highly recommend this scanner.
    Kim // Geary



    I had an engine light on 6 months ago and my mechanic charged me $450 to fix it and reset my engine light. About a couple of weeks ago, my engine light went on again and I don’t want to spent another $450 just to know what’s wrong with my car. I found this OBD (onboard diagnostic scanner) and to my surprise it’s very affordable so I said I would give it a try. It came with instructions which is so easy to follow. Per the manuals instructions, I plug the scanner on in my car OBD outlet. I turned the engine on and boom, it scanned my car and gave the diagnostic error code of “P0101” volume air flow problem. I looked it further over the internet and gave me the solution and further instructions to resolve the problem. Car mechanic gurus over the internet recommended changing the engine air filter which they said is the one causing the problem thus giving the error code of “P0101”. I bought the engine filter for $12 and after changing it myself which is very easy to do,I plug the onboard scanner again and try to reset the code and it’s all clear now. No more engine light for 20 times less than what I would have spent if I brought it to my mechanic. This onboard diagnostic scanner is the same scanner and equipment that our mechanic use to diagnose our car problems and everyone should get one of this to avoid getting charged a fortune for simple car problems like this.

    Gwen //  William


    Product Description

    • The Viecar® VC310 OBDII/EOBD Code Reader is specially designed to work with all OBD II compliant vehicles, including those equipped with the next-generation protocol-Control Area Network (CAN). It is required by EPA that All 1996 and newer vehicles (cars and light vehicles)
      Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database).


    • Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" light)
    • Display current sensor data, including: Engine RPM, Calculated Load Value,
    • Coolant Temperature, Fuel System Status, Vehicle Speed, Short Term Fuel Trim,
    • Long Term Fuel Trim, Intake Manifold Pressure, Timing Advance,
    • Intake Air Temperature, Air Flow Rate, Absolute Throttle Position,
    • Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims,
    • Fuel System status, Fuel Pressure AND Many others...
    • Read and clear generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and turn off check engine light
    • Support multiple trouble code requests: generic codes, pending codes and manufacturer specific codes
    • Review the emission readiness status of OBD monitors
    • Determine the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) status
    • Retrieve VIN (Vehicle Identification No.) on 2002 and newer vehicles that support Mode 9
    • Easy to use with one plug-in
    • Free software with over 7000 DTC definitions
    • No batteries needed-powered via detachable OBD II cable
    • No mobile phone is required, just power it anytime, anywhere


    Code Reader V310 Features & Functions:

    • 1. Support Multi-brand cars, works with all 1996 and later OBDII compliant US,European and Asian vehicles.
    • 2. Multi-language supported: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch.
    • 3.Supporting shortcut key queries.(VIN,DTC)
    • 4.Support Read/Clear diagnostic trouble codes,I / M readiness,Vehicle InFo,turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" light) and so on.
    • 5. Display current sensor data, including:
    • 6. Engine RPM
    • 7. Calculated Load Value
    • 8. Coolant Temperature
    • 9. Fuel System Status
    • 10. Vehicle Speed
    • 11. Short Term Fuel Trim
    • 12. Long Term Fuel Trim
    • 13. Intake Manifold Pressure
    • 14. Timing Advance
    • 15. Intake Air Temperature
    • 16. Air Flow Rate
    • 17. Absolute Throttle Position
    • 18. Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims
    • 19. Fuel System status
    • 20. Fuel Pressure


    Length x Width x Height: 155 mm x 85 mm  x 25mm 


    Viecar® VC310 Tool
    User's Manual

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